Nick Childers in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic 2015 (Photo by  Maciek Stachowicz )

Nick Childers in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic 2015 (Photo by Maciek Stachowicz)

Nick is a multimedia photojournalist and filmmaker. He specializes in shooting, producing, directing and editing documentary projects as well as documentary-style advertisement and editorial. His shooting experience spans almost every type of camera including VR/360 rigs, drones and even film.

Nick's background is in fine-art photography and experimental filmmaking as a young artist coming from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But after moving to New York City for school in 2008, he ended up pursuing photojournalism after becoming general manager of WPIR-Pratt Radio and studying journalism as a photography undergraduate at Pratt Institute. Since graduating, he's worked at various media outlets and developed a speciality in making short editorial documentaries and behind-the-scenes testimonial videos for companies to post to social media. He also picked up a few other skills along the way in things like marketing, advertising and human resources. His personal projects range from documenting the conflict in east Ukraine to constructing conceptual multimedia art installations. He also volunteers with Gotham Paranormal Research Society on occasion as one of their investigators.

He's based out of Brooklyn, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has worked for companies like NBC Left FieldVICE, Motherboard, Village Voice and Brooklyn Rail. He's also exhibited work for organizations like Magenta FoundationSPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, as well as photos published in Gothamist and Brooklyn Vegan.

Nick just finished up this year's 69th Missouri Photo Workshop, Pittsburgh Filmmakers 2017 Flight School Fellowship and became a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.

He's always on-call with gear ready to go. Contact him if you're interested in hiring. Keep up with him at his instagram @nchilders412


Where's Nick at now?

Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary moments. It is only later that they claim remembrance, when they show their scars.
— Chris Marker, La Jetée: ciné-roman

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