Film CV

Documentary | Editorial

2018- There’s A Revolt Going On In Trump’s Favorite Industry (VICE News Tonight on HBO) Camera/Co-Producer

2018- Victim recalls 'fear' and 'anger' after Catholic priest's alleged sexual abuse (Washington Post) Camera/Producer

2018- Clergy Victim Testifies Abuse was ‘Traumatic’ (Associated Press) Camera/Producer

2018- Braddock, PA (First Look Media/Topic) Specialty Camera

2018- Rob Rogers: I was fired for drawing cartoons about Trump (NBC Think) Camera/Producer

2018- How willful ignorance is changing U.S. politics (NBC Think) Camera

2018- The Untold Story Behind Martin Luther King Jr.'s Final Speech (Wall Street Journal) Camera

2017- Guerrero en Llamas (IBERO FM) Video Journalist

2017- Escaping Conflict Through Music in Ukraine (NBC Left Field) Video Journalist

2016- Solidarity in Steel Rally- USW Local 1219 (Nick Childers) Camera/Producer/Interviewer/Editor

2016- Live From The Streets: Ol' Dirty Bastard Wife NYC Interview (Live From The Streets) Camera/Sound

2016- New Yorkers Speak Out at the Stonewall Inn Vigil for Orlando Victims (Village Voice) Camera/Producer/Interviewer/Editor

2016- How NYC Does the Persian Fire Festival Charshanbe Suri (Village Voice) Camera/Producer/Editor

2016- What Is a Raindrop Cake and How Does It Taste? (Village Voice) Camera/Producer/Interviewer/Editor

2016- An Evening Celebrating Alexander Hamilton (FAPE) Camera/Editor

2015- Jon Huntsman in conversation with Charlie Rose (FAPE) Camera/Editor

2015- Sister Cities: Life in Donetsk (Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Nick Childers) Camera/Producer/Interviewer/Editor

2014- NOISEY: "Play The Back" feat. World's Fair and PitchBlak Brass Band - Live from the Streets (VICE) 3rd Camera

2013- Ground Zero Supertower- Ground Zero Museum final artifact shoot (PBS/Hunter Baker) 2nd Camera Assistant

2013- Brains on Trial: Deciding Punishment (PBS) Production Assistant

2012- Hand or Internet: Which would you rather lose? (VICE) Interviewer

2011- Sobre Las Olas (Carolina Loyola-Garcia) Camera Assistant



2017- THUMP: Robert Lux Feat. LACES - I Feel New  (VICE) Camera Assistant

2017- Bear Grylls Survival Academy Summer Camp (Frost Valley YMCA) 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2016- Pavlova Wipes- Magic Wipes Revolution (OHH My Goods Ltd.) Camera/Editing

2016- New York Film Academy Photography School in New York City (New York Film Academy) 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2016- NYFA Photography Students Excursion To The Dominican Republic (New York Film Academy) 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2016- Dominican Republic Drone Filming (New York Film Academy) 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2016- NYFA Summer 2016 (Orientation Boat Trip) (New York Film Academy) Camera/Producer/Editor

2016- NYFA 4th of July (New York Film Academy) Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2016- NYFA Photography Students Photograph Lake House Restaurant (New York Film Academy) Editor

2016- Adventure Camp at Frost Valley YMCA (Frost Valley YMCA) 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2015- NYFA's Upcoming Musical 'Carousel' (New York Film Academy) Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2015- NYFA Photography Excursion to Cyprus (New York Film Academy) Associate Producer/Editor

2014- Photography Student Shoot at Andaz (New York Film Academy): 1st Camera/Associate Producer/Editor

2014- PRZMAN- Who & What We Are (PRZMAN) Camera/Producer/Editor

2013- Mechanics (Ecylpse prod. Jay Card)- Camera/Associate Producer/Editor



2014- Virtuous Mongrels (Yael Zeevi) 2nd Camera/Gaffer

2012- Cathedral (Nick Childers) Camera/Director/Writer/Narrator/Editor

2011- City Void (Nick Childers) Camera/Editor

2008- AFTER HE PRAYED (Nick Childers) Camera/Editor

2007- Motion Study in the Dark (Nick Childers) Camera/Editor